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The objective of premier betting software Betradar is straightforward: “We connect sports-related live data and digital content with our clients’ companies.” Betradar collaborates with over 450 online bookies and 30+ lotteries including industry leaders William Hill Sports and Bet365 Sports (2016 GIA ‘Sports Betting Operator of the Year’).



The Swiss-based supplier group supplies live sports data, the backbone of sports-betting, as well as sports-related content to be used throughout its clients’ sites. The media via which they supply these services distinguish them from their competitors. Betradar offers a multitude of options for a wide-range of goods including mobile, tablet and browser live data solutions.



Betrdar’s effect could go unnoticed by some – thanks to their seamless transition into their clients’ services – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t far reaching. Betradar solutions are available on five continents and in more than 80 countries. They partner with some of the greatest names in sports, like the International Tennis Federation (ITF), and have a customer base ranging over approximately 500 businesses.


Players familiar with the world of online sports betting will undoubtedly recognize at least one Betradar client, if not the majority of clients. Its clientele include the top online bookmakers in the world, such as Coral Sports, the primary betting service of the industry-leading Gala Coral brand, and Paddy Power Sports, a favorite in Ireland.


Betradar also has well-known partners in addition to their extensive clientele. As mentioned, the Swiss supplier partners with one of the biggest names in the world of tennis, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) as well as the International Basketball Federation (IBF), World Snooker (the governing body of professional snooker), and the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), one of two premier professional darts associations.


As eSports continues their ascension into the upper echelon of sports coverage and betting, Betradar and others get on the band wagon. In 2015, Betradar started a relationship with Electronic Sports League (ESL), the largest eSports firm in the world. But it’s not just sports-related partners Betradar utilizes, they have also acquired a connection with the World Lottery Association (WLA) (WLA).


User Experience

Betradar whole-heartedly thinks “every second counts” when it comes to live data solutions and digital content. Seconds can determine the if their client secures a wager or receives a site visit or not and Betradar won’t be having any of that. Their vow isn’t directly tied to speed but greatly relies on it; Betradar prides itself on its concentration of the most expeditious distribution of facts and facts alone. Even the company’s motto is “Betradar, powered by facts.”


Players utilizing Betradar clients might not even know it since most their solutions integrate with the client’s material so effectively the typical player won’t even notice the difference. From live data widgets to sports-related material, it’d be tough to find a player displeased with the services given across all their client’s platforms.



Betradar claims that its seemingly endless number of services and solutions can be divided into five categories.


Betting Solutions | Betting Solutions is Betradar’s flagship offering. This area contains the biggest variety of services, such as “Odds Recommendations,” “BetPal,” and “Live Odds Services,” to mention a few.

Live Channel This provides dedicated live streaming solutions for clients.

Content Solutions | Betradar’s Content Solutions are relatively clear forward in terms of gambling related information. Their ‘Statistics Centre,’ ‘Live Sports Centres,’ ‘Live Match Tracker,’ ‘Live Score Solutions,’ and ‘Sports Data Widgets’ all enhance the online betting experience, particularly for in-play wagering.

This segment of Betradar is devoted to Virtual Sports.

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